HMC Project Cohort 2020

Nine projects have been selected for funding in the first project call of the Helmholtz Incubator Platform Helmholtz Metadata Collaboration (HMC) with a total of 3.45 million Euro – half of which is provided by the Helmholtz Initiative and Networking Fund. 12 Helmholtz Centres are involved representing all six research areas of the Helmholtz Association. Each project will run for 24 months.

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ADVANCE: Advanced metadata standards for biodiversity survey and monitoring data: Supporting of research and conservation (UFZ, AWI)

The project aims at supporting metadata generation with interoperable metadata standards using semantic artefacts that facilitate access to, integration and reuse of data from biodiversity research of Helmholtz Centres for research and applied biodiversity conservation, focusing on monitoring data and the integration of data from the terrestrial, freshwater and marine realms.

Contact: Dr. Annegret Grimm-Seyfarth (annegret.grimm(a)
Project slides from the „HMC Project Welcome Meeting” April 2021

: Towards automatic data management and a common ontology for perovskite solar cell device data (HZB, KIT, FZJ)

This HMC project will create an automated data flow to facilitate data and sample sharing among partners and collaborations in the field of next generation multi-junction solar cell devices.

Contact: Dr. Eva Unger (eva.unger(a)
Project slides from the „HMC Project Welcome Meeting” April 2021

eFAIRs: Enhancing FAIRness in seismological data management (GFZ, AWI, GEOMAR)

The project plans to achieve a fully FAIR data management for seismology by, among other things, an automatic integration of instrument PIDs.

Contact: Dr. Angelo Strollo (strollo(a)
Project slides from the „HMC Project Welcome Meeting” April 2021

FAIR WISH: FAIR Workflows to establish IGSN for Samples in the Helmholtz Association (GFZ, AWI, HZG)

Project goal: Establishing IGSN for Samples in the Earth Science community within the Helmholtz Association

Contact: Dr. Kirsten Elger (kirsten.elger(a)
Project slides from the „HMC Project Welcome Meeting” April 2021

FDO-5DI: FAIR Digital Objects for 5D imagery of our and other planet(s) (DLR, GEOMAR)

To achieve more effectiveness and efficiency in managing, publishing and interpreting imaging data, the project’s goal is to develop interoperable metadata standards for imaging data in the form of FAIR Digital Objects (FDOs) for 5D imagery of Earth and other planet(s).

Contact: Dr. Andrea Naß (andrea.nass(a)

HELIPORT: HELmholtz ScIentific Project WORkflow PlaTform (HZDR, FZJ, HIJ (GSI))

The project aims at developing a workflow platform which accommodates the complete life cycle of a scientific project and links all corresponding programs and systems to create a more FAIR and comprehensible project description.

Contact: Dr. Oliver Knodel (o.knodel(a)
Project slides from the „HMC Project Welcome Meeting” April 2021

HERMES: Helmholtz Rich Metadata Software Publication (DLR, FZJ, HZDR)

The goal of this project is to support researchers in publishing their research software, in a way that makes it findable, comprehensible, citable and reusable. The key to this is the creation, curation and deposit of rich metadata with software publications. To this end, the project will conceptualize, produce and provide well-documented, adoption-ready workflows with automation interfaces and reference implementations for InvenioRDM and Dataverse.

Contact: Mr. Stephan Druskat (stephan.druskat(a)
Project slides from the „HMC Project Welcome Meeting” April 2021

MetaMap3: Metadata generation, enrichment and linkage across the three domains health, environment and earth observation (HMGU, UFZ, DLR)

This project deals with compilation, generation and enrichment of machine-readable and interoperable metadata schemes for exemplary data of the three domains Health, Earth & Environment and Aeronautics, Space & Transport.

Contact: Dr. Kathrin Wolf (kathrin.wolf(a)
Project slides from the „HMC Project Welcome Meeting” April 2021

MetaMoSim: Generic metadata management for reproducible high-performance-computing simulation workflows (UFZ, FZJ)

The project aims at developing a generic, cross-domain metadata management framework to foster reproducibility of HPC based simulation science, and to provide workflows and tools for an efficient organisation, exploration and visualisation of simulation data.

Contact: Dr. Stephan Thober (stephan.thober(a)